Thursday, January 24

Visit Local Quilt Shop Day

Today is "Visit your local Quilt Shop Day".  This should be a national holiday as far as I am concerned.  We must support local businesses, they are the bread & butter of our communities!  Had I known in advance I would have scheduled the day off.  
In McKinney, we are extremely fortunate to have THREE (Yes 3) quilt shops. Not many cities can top that!  All three are locally owned and incredibily different from one another.  I plan to make it to all of them. Luckily two are very close to my office....  The Quilt Asylum off Central Expressway & Virginia and Happiness is Quilting in our Historical Downtown McKinney Square.  Lastly,  Stitched with Love which is brand new (just opened this month) is very close to our home off Custer Road & Virginia.  

If you don't have a local quilt store in your community visit mine online, (tell them I sent you) many are having specials!  Enjoy your day, I better get some sleep and rest up for tomorrow-- it's a big day! Thanks for stopping by!

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