Monday, February 28

Girl Scout Cookie Bag

Last month I came across some Girl Scout fabric by Robert Kaufman Fabrics and just had to buy some to make Micaela "something". Micaela became a Girl Scout this past fall and when I bought the fabric cookie selling season was about to begin.

After much thought (and deliberation), I decided to make her a bag so that when she went out to make "deliveries", she would be carrying the cookies in something cute. My first thought was a tablecloth for when the troop does sales in front of stores but at $10 a yard, I decided a bag would be much better use of the fabric.
So here is the bag... Ta Da!!!! I pretty much made it freehand without a pattern (don't recommend that).

First, I added fusible fleece to the back of the fabric and machine quilted horizontal lines, I wish I could say they are straight but you can certainly 'see' that they are I had to embroider it 'somewhere' and since embroidery wouldn't really show up on such a busy pattern I decided to applique a square then do an appliqued M and name on top. The square is from GGDesigns in Australia, the M is a font from Planet Applique and the font on the name is by AKDesigns.
I made the bag gussetted by adding a brown gingham coordinating fabric to allow enough space to carry 7-8 boxes standing up.

I lined the bag in the same green gingham from the applique square and added velcro for easy closing and opening. I made the strap long and wide so it would be comfortable across the chest. I used the embroidery function on my new Janome machine to add a little personalization. Hopefully Micaela will stay in Girl Scouts for a long time and she can use this bag for delivering cookies many years to come. Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Very cute bag and lovely fabric!

  2. Really cute tote, Martha! Thanks for sharing! I used to live in Plano...sure do miss Texas!! I'll check back soon.

  3. Oh I love this.

    I was the cookie coordinator in my Canadian Girl Guide area for years and I sure wish we had some great fabric like this available.

  4. That's beautiful! A lot of love went into that!