Monday, September 22

McKinney is #1

What a way to start the week. Proud to call McKinney home and be a part of city staff!

Our city ranks #1 on Money Magazine’s Best Places to Live in America list! McKinney earned this distinction based on housing affordability, education, arts and culture, safety, health care, diversity and the economy, including the fiscal strength of the government. McKinney is the only Texas city in the top 15. Woohoo!!!

Monday, September 1

Our family is EXPANDING!!!

I've been so busy the last few weeks.  Not only we were busy with regular summer stuff but early in August we started the process to become a host family for an exchange student.

Hosting a student meant re-establishing our guest room... The guest room I took over with my sewing stuff...  You can't imagine how hard I have worked the last few weeks to make this happen.  

In the end, we consolidated three very full rooms to two.  We cleared out all the big toys from playroom loft area, repainted from pink and purple to the neutral color for the rest of house.  Then dismantled Micaela's baby room which had become the paper craft room and then emptied the guest room that was my sewing room.   Hours and hours of work... 

Room pics will be forthcoming but for now the arrival of our exchange student from Spain...  

Here she is with Micaela during the car ride home.  Sadly, she spent more than two hours getting through customs so we forgot to take a pic at the airport.  

She arrived on Wednesday and we are all getting settled in our new roles.  

Relocated Sewing Room

Spending Labor Day "laboring" in my relocated sewing room.  This is the first corner set up in my new space.  One corner done, rest of room to go.  I think my stuff multiplied when we swapped and consolidated rooms.  (This room was Micaela's baby room once upon a time).

I bought a second thread rack for 120 spools since the single 120 and 60 was not enough in previous room.   I've got a long way to go, more pics to come.