Thursday, November 27

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving from our family to yours.

Hope your day was terrific. 


Monday, November 24

Sewing Room Island

Thanksgiving break has been productive already.  This is what I spent the day putting together yesterday.  An island in the sewing room. I had to take a picture because this won't last long once I really start working.  The counter & storage space is approachable from all four sides (that is if there is not something on the floor). 

I have had this idea ever since I saw it on a blog years ago.  I wish Ihad room to make a giant island with multiple 3x3 cube units but I do not have the space.  I was lucky to get this in the room-- room is only 10x10.  This was made with three 3x2 cube units (I have room for fourth unit but wasn't sure I wanted cube shelves so I left it open in the back for now.  The top is 24x48 plywood I covered with batting and then uphostered with fabric.  

The triple drawer units I have had for years, once upon a time they held the overflow of napkin rings and flatware (early 2000's) then they held stamp sets and now they are in here.  I have twelve so this is a good home for some.  I always struggle with a good place to put hoops for the emroidery machines so the side panel of the cube units works well, i just used 3m command hooks.  The right side of the top has an ironing pad, I don't have enough room for a full size ironing board so this works since most of the pieces I iron are small anyway.   I am so thrilled about this project getting done.  

Sewing room progress 5 months in the making. #sewingroom #sewingstudio #craftroom 

Sunday, November 16

Schnitzel and Boo Mini Quilt Swap

I am in a happy swap mood.  Last week I also joined the Schnitzel & Boo Mini Quilt Swp for Round 3 and volunteered to be a group moderator.  I am so excited.  Follow us on Instagram!

Here's my group icon.  I have 40 girls from all over the US and different parts of Europe.  


Sweet Pouch Swap #4

I am so excited to be part of the Sweet Pouch Swap hosted by Roz in Austrialia for the 4th time.  I already got my partner assignment and we've been corresponding and getting to know each other.
This time around my partner is in California so it will be easier to send extra stuff in the package, sending to Europe & Australia is always such a challenge because I always want to include bulky items.  I can't wait to start sewing.  #sweetpouchswap

Water4Otter comes to McKinney!

All in a days work....  Spent the morning at Sonntag Elem with the North Texas Municipal Water District WATERIQ Water4Otter team. This is a new program focused on teaching grade school kids about saving water at home.   The lake in our area is less that 47% full so the entire region is focused on water conservation.  

The Water4Otter program is really cute and focuses on saving water in your bathroom, kitchen and outside with your sprinkler system.  Otis the Otter is the star of the show.  This program is part of a pilot program being tested at 30 schools in the North Texas area.  The program is funded by the NTMWN and the Texas Water Development Board.

My job has perks, here I am with daughter and Otis the Otter.  Visit for more information about the program.  

Hope you are having a great day!  #mckinneytexas #water4otter #savewater @NTMWD #greenmckinney

Saturday, November 15

UPS Zipper Pouch

Here is a UPS themed zipper pouch I made for one of my husband's co-workers that was retiring.  His nickname and route name is LWOD and he celebrated 35 years at the company.  

I was thrilled to find the right shade of brown solid fabric along with the UPS digital logo.   I hope I get more requests to make these from other UPSers.  

Monday, November 10

Mom becomes an American!

It's been a busy few days.  Thursday night I flew to South Texas to be with my parents for my Mom's special day. After almost 46 years of being married to my Dad and living in the USA (legally), Mom  finally became an American!    She had her test and interview back in the late summer and her ceremony was Friday.  It was great to be there for the momentous occasion.  I was only able to stay for about 30 hours before flying back to Dallas but I am so happy I could swing being there!

Wednesday, November 5

Basket received

This is the fabulous basket I received in the McKinney Modern Quilt Guild Basket Swap from Elizabeth W. The tote is large, the handle part can be folded down to make a basket and it's completely reversible. How cool is that! These are the fabrics I've used in my Sewing Room so it will be great for toting stuff... It's so fun to do swaps, thank you Elizabeth! #mckmqg

Basket made for MckMQG swap

Yesterday was our monthly McKinney Modern Quilt Guild meeting.  These are the items I made for the basket swap.  We actually exchanged bags of fabric last month so that was a fun twist.  My partner included a lot of fabric in her bag so I made a few extra things in addition to the basket.   A mugrug and matching mug that said "stitch your stress away", a layered flower pin cushion and of course a zipper bag -- which is something I make for every swap.

The basket was big and I felt like I needed to put something in it so it would not be so empty so I quickly embroidered a fuzzy fleece throw with some of the left over fabric.  (I keep these blank throws on hand in case I need to make a quick gift.)

I think the throw with a C turned out really cute.  My partner seemed to really like everything and I really enjoyed sewing with fabrics that I would normally not buy.  Thanks for stopping by.