Wednesday, April 30

Sixth Anniversary

Yesterday- April 29 was my 6th year anniversary at the City of McKinney.  Time flies when you are having fun.  Never thought this part time job (at the time) would blossom into such an incredible and growing opportunity for me. 

At the time, I just wanted a part-time job because Micaela was a toddler and in preschool a few days a week. 

Now, after several reorganizations, 3 bosses, it's a very demanding full time job where I truly believe I make a difference every day.... Who would have thought?

Ironically, I got to attend the Employee Service Awards Lunch honoring 5, 10, 15, 20, 25 and 30 year employees. (My anniversary missed the cut off date so I had to wait til this year for award). 

I have a long road ahead  --but at least I made it the first milestone and have an award to add to my shelf.

Monday, April 28

Girl Scout Earth Day celebration

Sunday, I was a speaker at a regional Girl Scout Earth Day celebration.  Here is a picture taken during the opening flag ceremony

The girls did a variety of rotations after my presentation, my favorite was when they decorated canvas reusable bags with hand prints.

Tuesday, April 22

Happy Earth Day 2014

Happy Earth Day! 
It's this simple ... 'Hurt not the earth, neither the sea, nor the the trees".  Revelations 7:3.  This  artwork by Mary Engelbreit spoke to me long before I was officially in the "Earth Business". I have had this poster framed and on my wall in my offices (in Bonham, Dallas and now Mckinney) most of my professional career. It's not your typical office art, but it continues to be my mantra and inspiration every day.
Hope you have a great day!  

She's 9

We can't believe it, she's 9. So much is a blur.  So much is engraved in our minds.  Time really does go by fast when you're a parent.   Happy Birthday to our daughter. 

Monday, April 21

Happy Easter


We hope you had a blessed Easter.

I haven't posted a family picture in a while, so here's one of us yesterday after church.

Troy and I are still the same (maybe a little plumper) but our daughter sure is growing up, you can see she is past my shoulder now...

Thanks for letting me share.   


Happy Good Friday.  

Easter Sewing,,,,  These were born in my sewing room yesterday & today! 
I have been meaning to make and mail these all month and I took a day off today finally made them.  
I had a hard time getting them to look at the camera and stay still!

The backside has a pocket for $$ or a gift card and a cotton tail.  Once I got started making these, they really started to multiply!
Hope you have a blessed day!

Thursday, April 17

Sweet Pouch Swap -- what I sent

I am finally getting back to posting.  It has been such a crazy month.

This is the pouch I sent to Jane in Australia.  She finally received it so I can reveal. I am so pleased with the way it turned out.  This pattern is by Embroidery Garden, a bit time consuming compared to the other simple pouches I make all of the time, but totally worth it.

On the back I appliqued a big J, I just couldn't let it be blank.  This is the Tuscan alphabet by Embroidery Boutique. 

I added a little signature with my initials and date in the lower right corner. 

The lining was the spool fabric. 

This was for the Sweet Pouch Swap hosted by Ros at Sew Delicious.  I love her swaps, everyone does some amazing pouches. 

Thanks for stopping by. 

Sweet Pouch Swap- What I received

Here is what I received from Jane in Australia for the Sweet Pouch Swap.

Isn't the bag totally adorable?  She knew I liked red & black sewing themed stuff and added a cute Texas Applique.  She also sent some Australian magnets for Micaela's collection and some yummy treats, those Tim Tams were delicious! 

Thanks so much Jane, love it all!

Wednesday, April 16

Street Sign Zipper Pouch

Sometimes fabric speaks to me. When I saw this street sign fabric, I thought of only one person it would perfect for... The gentleman who's been a part of the Streets department at the City of McKinney for the last 25 years!
I have worked with this man for the last six years and I have never met anyone more dedicated.  I don't make too many zipper pouches for men unless I know its something very specific that I think they will like.

I got lucky and found cute fabric for the inside too. 

Thanks for stopping by...

Tuesday, April 15

Baby #5 Pillow

Here's a Fleece Baby Pillow I made for  Mom/Family expecting baby #5...

This family is super traditional and I really struggled with what to make because the family doesn't know the baby's gender and nursery theme is undecided.

This is my attempt at gender and theme neutral-- can't get more simple than this...

I like the idea of number pillows with last name....been wanting to make one of these for a while.

This was for our Girl Scout Troop Leader.  As you can see, the whole shower was green and yellow. 

Thanks for stopping by!

Dutch Iris

These are Dutch Iris I planted in 2012 on the south side of the house. 

Somehow, I don't really remember the blooms from the last couple of years.  I know I planted more than a dozen but this is what has come up so far and I am excited. 

Wednesday, April 9

Bird Nest

This is our front door wreath and we've just discovered a bird is nesting.  I've heard this is good luck, I am excited! 

Thursday, April 3

First Bra Zipper Pouch

Daughter is turning nine soon so we are getting to that point. 

When I saw this fabric at my LQS, The Quilt Asylum, I knew I had to get it.  This is the Riley Blake Think Pink fabric. Fabric has push up bra drawings in white, pink and grey on light pink background.  The fabric is part of a Breast Cancer Awareness line. 

M is totally embracing the idea of a bra so this pouch was a hit.  The girl has more handmade pouches with her name on them than anyone I know. 

This could also be a "Save the Tatas" pouch for a breast cancer survivor and is available in my Etsy store.  Thanks for stopping by. 

Wednesday, April 2

Front Flower Bed Project

I've had a plan to expand our front yard flower bed for several years.  Finally this year I started.  This is progress over the last four months... from January, to February, to March and finally April 1st. 

While I really wanted to dig up everything and start over, I just don't have the time or want to make the expense so I decided to just add to the existing L shaped bed.

January: I outlined the fill in shape and started looking into removing all that grass from the roots.  The weather here has been so unpredictable that the good weekends I was busy and the weekends I had time for this the weather was horrible. 

February: I hired a landscape guy to start, he came and removed all the grass for me.  I thought I could take it from there.  It was bitterly cold that day.  Later on that month, I discovered a bag with about ten different varieties of daffodils I had not planted.  So in a moment of desperation, I planted them in the bed on Feb 22 because I had no where to put them.

March: I planted a few perennials in between the bulbs and decided I really wanted a stone border.  I also trimmed back the roses in the original L flower bed, removed 2 of 7 bushes and removed a lot of the "Mondo Grass"-- that had taken over the bed-- what a pain in the backside.  I've decided not to ever plant the stuff again. 

April:  On the 1st, I had my landscape guy come back and add the stone around the edge.  We also added a half yard of compost to amend the soil.  Now it's starting to look like something.  You'll be seeing lots of progress in the coming months...