Wednesday, April 29

Work Anniversary

Today I start my 8th year at the City of McKinney.  Some days I am the city water nazi, other days I am the recycling nerd or simply the green girl.  I believe the purpose of life is to be useful and to make a difference.  Hopefully most days -- I have made a difference! 


Tuesday, April 28

Earth Day Texas

The City of McKinney had a booth at this year's Earth Day Texas event at Fair Park on April 24th, 25th, and 26th.    We had several thousand people visit us.  Here I am with some of the volunteers on Saturday morning.  We had our spinner wheel game giving away a variety of eco-friendly products for saving water and energy.  

Earth Day Texas (formerly, Earth Day Dallas) is an annual, outdoor festival seeking to elevate environmental awareness and influence the way Texans think, live and work. The family-friendly and free-admission event allows leaders in the corporate, academic and non-profit worlds to unite and show Texans how green lifestyle choices can lower their cost of living, improve their health, and help save the environment.

Monday, April 20

Wall of Mini Quilts

Someone asked what I do with all of the mini quilts I get from swaps.  Well... I hang them on my wall in my sewing room like little works of art.  I treasure each one I receive and consider the maker a new friend!  Here's my current, growing collection-- makes me happy just looking at it!

Thursday, April 16

Ampersand Wedding Pillows

It's the season for Ampersand Wedding Pillows... Here are two I have made this week.  These are available in my Etsy shop.

Tuesday, April 14

7th annual Texas Trash Off

My biggest event of the year was Saturday.  Look at all these fabulous volunteers.  It was a gorgeous day in McKinney.