Sunday, December 19

Christmas Tablescape

This is our breakfast table now. I've been building on a gingerbread theme for about ten years but never had much (gb) on the table. I had a collection of the Sledding Characters dinnerware by Debbie Mumm (mentioned here) and I never got brave enough to mix other stuff with it. Most of the gingerbread accessories around were things in the kitchen. This year I added to my collection....

First, I found these snowflake salad plates at Wal-Mart of all places. I brought one home, thought they looked good and then went back for another 3. Later on I was at Pier One and found the gingerbread shaped plates, bought the last four right on the spot! Two weeks ago I was at Dillards and found the gingerbread house napkin rings, of course had to have them too. The rest of the stuff just came together.

Dinner Plates: Sledding Characters by Debbie Mumm, purchased in 2001

Snowflake Salad Plates: Wal-Mart 2010

Gingerbread Plates & Napkins: Pier One 2010

Gingerbread House napkin rings: Dillard's 2010

Big Bowl in Center: Hobby Lobby 2010

Cupcakes: Kohl's 2009

Placecard Holder: Kohl's 2009

Gingerbread Man: Kirkland's

Here are pictures of a few more things around the kitchen area:

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Tuesday, December 14

Kitchen Gingerbread Decor 2001

A couple of days ago I posted pictures of my kitchen table at my Bonham house. Here are some pictures of the gingerbread stuff in my kitchen. Now remember this was back in 2001, light green and pink were my kitchen colors. Oh my how we all evolve!

I love this gingerbread train, my dear friend Debra gave it to me! The star Longaberger basket one of my favorite things too, it was from my friend Mary Beth.

I had a little tree on top of the fridge. All the ornaments were gingergread things... Corny, I know!
Oh, how I loved my Bonham House! Thanks for stopping by!

Sunday, December 12

Kitchen Table 2001

Here's the Kitchen Table in my Bonham house (1919 Bungalow) back in 2001. The dinnerware is Sledding Characters by Debbie Mumm. I absolutely had to have it. Remember this was 2001! I bought it piece by piece and then when I the stores ran out resorted to Ebay for more pieces. In the bidding process I met a girl who was bidding on the same stuff. I got brave and sent her an email to figure out what she wanted so we would not keep bidding against each other. (This is back when the user name on ebay was your email address and it wasn't astericks like it is today). Found out the girl was from Texas and around my age. Long story short, we became friends! She and her husband visted me that year and I visited them in 2004. We're still friends ten years later and keep up with each other on facebook. In the end, she got 12 placesettings and I got 8!
I am not as crazy about these dishes now but the story behind them touches my heart so I won't part with them. Micaela thinks they are cute and says she wants them for when she grows up! I am going to find some accessories to go with it for this year's table. I'll be sure to post what I come up with.
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Wednesday, December 8

Christmas in Bonham

Here are pictures of my Bonham living room Christmas 2001. I had so much fun decorating this house.
This was the tree that replaced the one in my master bedroom (previous post). I had really tall ceilings in that house- 12 ft, I think. I had to use a ladder to decorate the top of the tree. Well I have to use a ladder to decorate all the trees but but this tree I had to get on the top step, lol.
Ahh, the fireplace... I always wondered about the family that originally built the house in 1919. I was told they had many children so I imagine many stockings were hung and lots of family photos were taken here. I was too scared to use the fireplace so I just filled it with lights and glittery stuff.

It was fun to decorate this mantle because it was deep. This year I put the Christmas village on there. I don't remember how many buildings and people I had but they fit pefectly in this long narrow space. I haven't used this village in 8 years, I still have it in boxed up-- maybe I will pull it out this year since Micaela is old enough to not break it.

Hope you've enjoyed my stroll through memory lane, hope you are having fun decorating your house for the holiday season. Thanks for stopping by!

Cowboy Baby Set

Here's a baby set I made for a friend to give as a gift to one of her co-workers. The baby's nursery is cowboy themed and the colors are red and brown.
I love cowboy themed stuff, so much that we have our little bathroom powder room downstairs decorated in authentic western stuff. Wish the room had room for more stuff because I would make something with this red rope fabric!. Thanks for stopping by!

Saturday, December 4

Flashback Christmas 2001

These are pictures of my bedroom during Christmas in my Bonham house back in 2001. Please keep in mind this WAS 2001, I would not necessarily decorate like this today. I took these with my very first digital camera. I would have never dreamed of a blog back then so there is no professional staging or anything. This is a room I slept in for several years before relocating back to Dallas and eventually getting married.

I look back on my five plus years in Bonham fondly, mainly because I enjoyed living in an old 1919 bungalow so much. I had more space than I knew what to do with and filled the house with things I loved. I enjoyed every minute of it. I am going to start sharing some of those old pictures every now and then....

I always wanted a pink bedroom as a little girl and finally got one when I was 29 a few years before getting married. The color turned out darker than I anticipated and it looked very PeptoBismal when the painters were done. I had to deal with it even though it was alot darker than I wanted.

Back then I set no limits on Christmas decorations and buying stuff. One of the coolest things about my Bonham house was the fireplace in the Master Bedroom. I was too scared to use it but I had the best time decorating the mantle for the different seasons... Here it is....

This was the tree! Quite large, the diameter was six feet at the bottom branches and it was like 8 feet tall. I had this in the living room several years but when I got a bigger one, I could not bare to part with this one so I put it in the master since I had plenty of room.

I wish I had close up of the ornaments, the balls were all different shades of pink, pearl white and green. The door behind the tree lead to a screened in sun room. I had access to the sunroom from the living room so I blocked this door for the holiday season.

This was the other side of the room facing the dresser. I only had a double bed at the time-- The canvas above my bed is by Angie Strauss from Niagara on the Lake Ontario. It is signed by the artist, it was my five year anniversary gift from the company I worked for at the time. I have that print in our guest room/sewing room now.

This was the other side of the room. I bought those chairs at Goodwill for $9 each and recovered them myself. I also made the curtains.
Thanks for stopping by, hope you enjoyed my flashback to 2001!