Sunday, December 12

Kitchen Table 2001

Here's the Kitchen Table in my Bonham house (1919 Bungalow) back in 2001. The dinnerware is Sledding Characters by Debbie Mumm. I absolutely had to have it. Remember this was 2001! I bought it piece by piece and then when I the stores ran out resorted to Ebay for more pieces. In the bidding process I met a girl who was bidding on the same stuff. I got brave and sent her an email to figure out what she wanted so we would not keep bidding against each other. (This is back when the user name on ebay was your email address and it wasn't astericks like it is today). Found out the girl was from Texas and around my age. Long story short, we became friends! She and her husband visted me that year and I visited them in 2004. We're still friends ten years later and keep up with each other on facebook. In the end, she got 12 placesettings and I got 8!
I am not as crazy about these dishes now but the story behind them touches my heart so I won't part with them. Micaela thinks they are cute and says she wants them for when she grows up! I am going to find some accessories to go with it for this year's table. I'll be sure to post what I come up with.
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