Monday, July 28

I made Kristina's TOP TEN!

OMG... I am so excited! I made Kristina Werner's TOP TEN!

After reading her blog for more than a year, I finally started participating in her challenges two weeks ago (after much pestering from my downline Tina).

There was more than 200 entries. You can see the other top choices by clicking here, I am super small potatoes compared to everyone else. Nancy Riley from AZ (my blog fairy) was also one of the other cards chosen, you can see her card by clicking here!

Thanks for stopping by, I am in la la land! I'll have a card to post tonight.


  1. WOOHOO !!! WOOHOO !!! P-A-R-T-Y !!! Martha, I think you've been secretively doing the challenges all along, and just foolin' all of us! LOL! I knew your card was TOP TEN material the first time I saw it! It emmulates the inspiration dress to a tee! Congrats, my friend! See you in the TOP TEN again!

  2. I know! Isn't it exciting?! Your card is gorgeous and well deserving!

  3. Hi Martha!! CONGRATS TO YOU!!

    I made her top 10 one time as well so I can share in your excitment! Your card was just beautiful so it was very well deserved!!

    Hugs from Australia