Friday, July 4

Fourth of July Fun

We had a great time today. Here are a few snapshots we took.

It's was HOT HOT HOT here in North Texas! ETA: We were in McKinney. Even in the morning, it was already in the high 90's and we were sweating buckets watching the hometown parade go by. The siren of the vintage firetruck scared Micaela right as I took this picture.

Here's a picture of Micaela showing off the flag in our front porch.

Here's the whole familia in the front yard. Yes, I coordinated the shirts. DH is not a fan of coordinating family outfits, I 'almost' slid this by him. He was happy when I said, "Honey, got you a new shirt to wear". Then when we were all in the car headed to the parade, he realized I was wearing red and Micaela was wearing white. Ugh, I was Oh well.

By the afternoon we had some sprinkles and it made the evening nice and perfect for fireworks, so perfect we took a stab at 'tailgating' at the local ball park (I knew I wanted a 'station wagon' for a reason). We hope you had a wonderful day!


  1. Hi Martha!!
    Happy Belated Forth! Were you at the Arlington, TX parade, I was there also. I read your site every morning. Your daughter is beautiful!
    Rette Mom

  2. Awesome photos from the fourth! I especially like the one of the three of you ... matching shirts and all !!!!