Wednesday, January 29

Heart & Sew Swap

The Heart & Sew Swap is in full swing, the ladies participating have made so many beautiful items.
My partner shipped early and I got the most wonderful package.  Each item deserves it's own blog entry.
Here is the gorgeous zipper bag I received from Betsy.    I am speechless, I can't imagine how much work this was. 
She told us the pattern came from "Zip To It" by Serendipity Studio.  Even the lining is super cute!

I just love this Wishes fabric by Sweetwater from Moda.  Thank you so much Betsy!

Finally Certified

If you read my blog, you know I love Natuve Texas Gardening.  In 2012, I started the Mastr Gardener process.  We did 65 hours of instruction and then another 65 hours of volunteer training.  I completed my training in the fall but our December class graduation was canceled because of a severe ice storm.  Last week was our official make up graduation event and I finally got my badge. I am so excited!!!

Hope you are gaving a great week. 

Friday, January 24

Mizzou Tigers Zipper Pouch

Because keeping peace with the In Laws is very important, here is a zipper pouch I made for my Sister In Law using Mizzou Tigers fabric.  This is my first non Texas college item... gasp!

I am on the hunt for a larger charm but for now this is all I could find. 

These colors were easy to work with and I look forward to making more of these for other Mizzou fans in the family.  I've got lots of fabric so it's available in my Etsy store.

Wednesday, January 22

Girl Scout Cookie Money Bag

Our daughter is back in Girl Scouts as a Brownie.  Several years ago when she was a Daisy, I made her this Girl Scout tote bag to carry the cookies door to door.  I decided she needed something to store the money and came up with a matching zipper bag.  I got lucky and still had scraps from the original tote.

Here is her new $$$ Bag.

The lining is this cute polka dot from Stampin' Up!

I'll be listing these in my Etsy store soon.  Thanks for stopping by!

Save Energy theme zipper pouches

I love the challenge of a custom order. 
During the Christmas rush one of my green friends visited my Etsy store.  She admired my Save Water zipper bag and told me she was interested in getting several for some other 'green minded" friends.  Well, I immediately remembered some "Save Energy" fabric I had purchased for another project.  I knew she worked for a green energy company and immediately sent her a picture of this 'light bulb" fabric.  She loved it and purchased 10 zipper bags without even seeing a completed one.
Here was the first one before I even found the perfect charm.
I made the bags in two different color schemes.... rust and blue. 

I searched high and low for the perfect charm.  I really thought I would end up with something like an earth but in the end found a light bulb.  What could be more perfect!
Notice the lining is a grid pattern, get it (energy grid). 
My friend ordered 7 energy ones and 3 save the earth ones.  Here they all are. 

Here is a close up of the "Love the Earth" one.  I love the heart earth charm, 

 I am so pleased with how these turned out and I've heard all the recipients loved them.  Thanks for stopping by!

Tuesday, January 7

4 New Zipper Pouch Designs

During the Christmas rush I had many requests for new zipper pouch fabric designs.  Here are the first four.

You might remember this fabric from the Mug Rug set I made for my Mug Rug swap partner back in December.  I initially thought the Eiffel towers were too tall to work on a zipper pouch but I got it to fit.  I think the glitter and the Eiffel Tower charm are so fun!

Here is the polkadot lining on the inside.

And here is what the back looks like:

Sassy by Moda
I really like the orange and turquois in this fabric.  This went to a Spanish teacher in North Carolina. 

This tangerine lining matched well

Pink Cowgirl
This was a special request from a friend for a niece that loves anything western and horses.

Again, polka dot lining.

Pink Owl
I love this fabric.  I had to fussy cute the owl for the front. 

The lining in this one is so cute, white with pink orange and yellow dots the size of dimes. 

All of these are available in my Etsy store.  Hope you are warm and cozy today.  We are still in the teens here in North Texas!

Monday, January 6

Heart & Sew Sewing Swap

Happy New Year.  After much encouragement from the gals that participated in the Halloween & Be Thankful Sewing Swaps, I've decided to host a Valentine's Day swap. 

Register online HERE

Save Energy Themed Zipper Pouch

Days like today make me wish I still lived in the Rio Grande Valley! 

In the spirit of saving energy due to rolling blackouts in North Texas today and tomorrow, here are two “Save Energy” themed Zipper Bags I just made last week. 

I especially love the light bulb charm on the zipper pull.  I searched high and low for these and finally found a vendor in England!

I am making seven of these for some very ‘energy minded’ people this week.  Love how these turned out.
ERCOT (Electric Reliability Council of Texas) urges everyone to conserve energy to avoid rolling power outages today/tomorrow.   That's my PSA for the day!  Hope you are staying warm!