Wednesday, August 18

Dozen Aprons

This was my project last night, one dozen aprons. These are for a friend's daughter's cooking birthday party- The boys are getting black and girls pink. It was kind of a last minute thing so we opted for just the first initial, otherwise I probably would have stayed up all night. Had to get creative to take the picture-- wished for a clothes line and a breeze (you know for the "Pottery Barn Kids" catalog look) but settled for a curtain rod on our ledge! I am off to drop them off, have a great day! Linking to Just Something I Whipped Up & Sew Much Ado.

Friday, August 13

Lady Bug B & B

Made this for a friend's new granddaughter. The theme in her nursery is ladybugs with a pink & green color scheme. I almost embroidered something totally different then I remembered I had the ladybug font.I love the name Amelia. By total coincidence, I have had two requests for items with the name Amelia within the last two weeks. I am still working on the other set and will post in the next few days. I love making these for new babies! Thanks for stopping by!

Monday, August 9

Snack Bag

Kindergarten is around the corner for us. In reading the 'handbook", parents are asked to pack a seperate daily snack for the kids. To make things easier, the teacher suggested packing five snacks at a time in a plastic bag on Mondays and refilling the bag every week. Since I try very hard NOT to use plastic bags, I made this draw string bag to pack Micaela's snacks for school.

Of course I had to make it pink & purple, her favorite colors! I did not use a pattern for this, just made it up as I went along. It's hard to tell in the picture but it's actually larger than a sheet of paper. When you pull the ribbons on both ends it cinches closed. This was a fun and easy project, hopefully given time, I will make seasonal ones for her. Thanks for stopping by. Linking to Made by You Mondays.

Another Birthday Gift

Here's another birthday beach towel I made for Micaela's friend Paige. Her favorite colors are pink, purple and green. Our beach towel days are numbered, cute beach towels are getting harder and harder to find. I found a clearance sale the other day and bought everything they had but I know it's not going to get me through the fall & winter birthdays.... I am on the search for a cute fall & winter item.

I forgot to photograph the package before going to the party-- I used a hot pink plastic caddy and tied a bow around the handles.

Monday, August 2

Birthday Gift

Since our daughter Micaela has attended two different preschools for the last two plus years, we know alot of little girls and get invited to MANY birthday parties. Sometimes, it's more than one a weekend. I used to really over-think the birthday gift, it drove me nuts. Does anybody else do that or is it just me?

Now that I embroider, we do a personalized item and Ta Da, done! This season we've done beach towels for all the parties we've been to. I've posted several here. Here's one I did this past weekend for her little friend Isabella.This towel is from Kohl's and it's so cute. You can see the whole towel design on the label.

As much as I like to wrap boxes and do fluffy tissue flowing out of gift bags, I am really trying to make the packaging of the gifts we give as 'green' as possible. We either reuse a gift bag we've received before or we package in something the recipient can reuse again.

We packaged Isabella's beach towel in a plastic container with a lid. These hot pink boxes are available at Wal-Mart and are $5-- yes more than a gift bag but way more useful!
I 'refrained' (very painful) from adding tissue to the inside (gotta think about those trees), placed the handmade card inside (so it wouldn't get lost) and tied a simple satin bow.
I know Isabella will find something like Barbies or Little Ponies to put in the box and hopefully she'll reuse the ribbon too. Thanks for stopping by.

Gasp-- A Card!

Yes, a card! I have not given up paper crafting entirely, just gotten a little side tracked with sewing and embroidery. Here's the card Micaela and I made for her friend Isabella. Super simple and quick, just a very glittery FIVE and some retired SU designer paper that just happened to coordinate with the beach towel (above). We made the 5 with the Cricut, used the Alphalicious cartridge.

Sunday, August 1

Quilt Store

Yesterday Micaela and I had a little day trip to visit family and friends in Fort Worth. Before leaving, I googled quilt stores to see if any there was a store in the immediate area of where we were going to be. Sure enough, a store 3 miles away from our first stop to visit friends.

After visiting our friends, we went to Cabbage Rose, a quilt and fabric store in southwest Fort Worth. We walked in and a little girl greeted us and invited Micaela to play in the play area. Micaela was happy to be occuppied and I got to browse in peace, it was lovely! I had to use alot of restrain because there was so many cute fabric patterns. They had a wonderful selection of fabrics... many seasonal ones and boy do I love seasonal stuff!

I got these three... Tree one, just had to have because you know I am all about saving trees, the orange dot was just cute for something fallish, and the purple stars & moons I thought would be cute for something Halloweeny.
The other thing I got was a bunch of ric rac in colors I can't usually find unless I buy a bolt at a time. Got 30 yards total-- I am set for a while.

It was fun store and I certainly plan to go back when I am in the area again. I was a happy camper as we skipped over to see family for our 3rd and final stop of the day. Hope you have a great Sunday!