Monday, August 9

Snack Bag

Kindergarten is around the corner for us. In reading the 'handbook", parents are asked to pack a seperate daily snack for the kids. To make things easier, the teacher suggested packing five snacks at a time in a plastic bag on Mondays and refilling the bag every week. Since I try very hard NOT to use plastic bags, I made this draw string bag to pack Micaela's snacks for school.

Of course I had to make it pink & purple, her favorite colors! I did not use a pattern for this, just made it up as I went along. It's hard to tell in the picture but it's actually larger than a sheet of paper. When you pull the ribbons on both ends it cinches closed. This was a fun and easy project, hopefully given time, I will make seasonal ones for her. Thanks for stopping by. Linking to Made by You Mondays.

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