Sunday, August 1

Quilt Store

Yesterday Micaela and I had a little day trip to visit family and friends in Fort Worth. Before leaving, I googled quilt stores to see if any there was a store in the immediate area of where we were going to be. Sure enough, a store 3 miles away from our first stop to visit friends.

After visiting our friends, we went to Cabbage Rose, a quilt and fabric store in southwest Fort Worth. We walked in and a little girl greeted us and invited Micaela to play in the play area. Micaela was happy to be occuppied and I got to browse in peace, it was lovely! I had to use alot of restrain because there was so many cute fabric patterns. They had a wonderful selection of fabrics... many seasonal ones and boy do I love seasonal stuff!

I got these three... Tree one, just had to have because you know I am all about saving trees, the orange dot was just cute for something fallish, and the purple stars & moons I thought would be cute for something Halloweeny.
The other thing I got was a bunch of ric rac in colors I can't usually find unless I buy a bolt at a time. Got 30 yards total-- I am set for a while.

It was fun store and I certainly plan to go back when I am in the area again. I was a happy camper as we skipped over to see family for our 3rd and final stop of the day. Hope you have a great Sunday!

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