Monday, August 2

Birthday Gift

Since our daughter Micaela has attended two different preschools for the last two plus years, we know alot of little girls and get invited to MANY birthday parties. Sometimes, it's more than one a weekend. I used to really over-think the birthday gift, it drove me nuts. Does anybody else do that or is it just me?

Now that I embroider, we do a personalized item and Ta Da, done! This season we've done beach towels for all the parties we've been to. I've posted several here. Here's one I did this past weekend for her little friend Isabella.This towel is from Kohl's and it's so cute. You can see the whole towel design on the label.

As much as I like to wrap boxes and do fluffy tissue flowing out of gift bags, I am really trying to make the packaging of the gifts we give as 'green' as possible. We either reuse a gift bag we've received before or we package in something the recipient can reuse again.

We packaged Isabella's beach towel in a plastic container with a lid. These hot pink boxes are available at Wal-Mart and are $5-- yes more than a gift bag but way more useful!
I 'refrained' (very painful) from adding tissue to the inside (gotta think about those trees), placed the handmade card inside (so it wouldn't get lost) and tied a simple satin bow.
I know Isabella will find something like Barbies or Little Ponies to put in the box and hopefully she'll reuse the ribbon too. Thanks for stopping by.

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  1. oh how I want an embroidery machine!!! What a great way to personalize a gift! I love that you packaged it in that pink box, I would love if all gifts came in a box like that! lol