Friday, February 17

Chicken Pot Pie made with LOVE

Came home from work very late yesterday. I kept insisting to my husband that they should start eating dinner with out me and they kept waiting. Finally when I didn't arrive by 8pm, they ate but first T sent me a picture of the chicken pot pie he made from scratch before he and our daughter cut into it.
It has T heart M & M on it, isn't that sweet!

Monday, February 13

Owl Pin Cushion

Made this little owl pin cushion using a pattern at SWAKembroidery from JesseKate Designs . This is for a pin cushion exchange at The Quilt Asylum tonight!
Last year I missed this event and this year I almost forgot. I literally started this at midnight and finished after 1 am!

Saturday, February 11


Gasp! I scrapbooked! I know it's hard to believe that I still play with paper but I do! I just post more about sewing. I am still obsessed with documenting every moment of our daughter's life believe it or not.
Last weekend I went to a scrapbook retreat for 3 days, it was fabulous! The retreat was in Denton which is only about 30 miles from McKinney and one of my long time college friends came along too so it was great to catch up and craft for three straight days.
I was very productive and actually completed nearly 80 pages! I've taken pictures of a few and will be posting in the coming weeks.
Here are the first four!

Thursday, February 9

Texas Daffodil Society

Several years ago I started an outreach program for schools with daffodils at work. I didn't know anything about daffodils because they are not typically grown in the valley where I am from. Over the last couple of years I have developed a real appreciation for the variety of daffodils available.
This year while doing some research I found the Texas Daffodil Society which happens to be based in Dallas. I've joined and have been attending meetings so I can pass along the information to the schools participating in our program. I have learned so much. This week's meeting was especially interesting because the program was focused on Grooming Daffodils & Design in preparation for the Daffodil Show in March.
The speakers brought many varieties of daffodils, most of which I had only seen in pictures. It was quite facinating. Here are a few of my snapshots.
It's hard to believe these are real flowers because they are so incredibly unique and fragrant! My hope is that the students at the schools will participate in the show, I'll keep you posted on our progress.

Sunday, February 5

Mardi Gras Sweatshirt

I made Micaela a Mardi Gras sweatshirt the other day and it was finally cold enough to wear it. You can tell she was thrilled to stop for a picture before going to school on a very overcast day.

Friday, February 3

Evee Blanket

Micaela is off to her first Slumber Party! Daddy and I weren't quite ready for this but we hate for her to miss. This is the gift I made, a pink fuzzy blanket with the birthday girl's name embroidered in the corner. Micaela picked everything out-- In the world of seven year olds, pink & purple is the bomb!