Thursday, September 20

Earthy Zippered Bag

Made yet another zippered bag.  This one is for my boss who is leaving. Her last day is next week-not by choice.  

This Timeless Treasures fabric called "Save the Planet" couldn't be more perfect for her and those of us who work in Environmental Sustainability.    The entire print throughout the fabric features great earthy quotes in bold fonts.  I fussy cut the fabric to feature "Respect the Planet" on the front of the bag and "Green is not just a color" on the back.  

I used an owl for the charm because 'owls give a hoot!'.  Corny I know but she'll appreciate the thought and humor. 

  In case your keeping count, we WERE a dept of 7. 4 interns left @ end of summer, 1 coworker left last month & boss leaves next week. Do the math & sadly that leaves me only! 

Saturday, September 15

Zipper Organization

If you have been reading my blog lately, I am sure you have noticed my new love for zippered bags and pouches.  This love has resulted in a new obsession with zippers.  Nothing is more frustrating to me than wanting to start a sewing project and not have everything I need.  You all know I have plenty of fabric and thread but I really did not have a stock pile of zippers.  A few weeks ago I hurried to Wal-Mart at 10pm, crossing my fingers for a zipper.  Crazy I know!

So, no more running to the store at 10pm for plain white zipper for me.  I have decided to stock up on zippers in a rainbow of colors.  Luckily, I found a vendor that was going out of business so I bought a nice supply for a song. 

The zippers arrived while my parents were visiting last week and Mom & Micaela helped me organize them.
I decided to group them by color and keep them together by pinning them with a safety pin.  Then we played with a place to put them... First we tried a wire basket, not enough space, then the fabric racks where I have my small pieces of fabric...nope did not look good... then we experimented with wire and how to hang it on the wall...  THEN my brilliant 7 year old daughter suggested nailing buttons to the wall and stringing wire between them!!!  OMG, not even me and my mother thought of that!!! 

Here is how we did it... Nailed Button to wall and then strung the wire between the nails under the buttons. 
Here is the rainbow of zippers...  I should not be running to the store anytime soon.  I love the way it looks.  What could be more perfect than nailing buttons to the wall.  Have I mentioned I think my daughter is BRILLIANT!!!
Here is the whole wall, rainbow of buttons on a wreath, rainbow of fabric on my racks and now a rainbow of zippers..... I love it!    Thanks for stopping by and have a great weekend!!

Friday, September 14

Springtime Vintage Zippered Pouch

My parents visited over the weekend.  While they were here, Mom, Micaela and me escaped to the sewing room to hang out and "play".  I showed my Mom some of the zipper bags I have been making and asked her to pick out some fabric so I could make one for her.

This fabric is from Stampin Up! and is called Springtime Vintage.  I love this pattern, it is very much my Mom's traditional style.  We chatted while I worked on this, it was really fun.  In no time I was done and now she has the perfect zipper pouch for her rosary. 

Zippered Pouches like this one are available in my Etsy Store.  Thanks for stopping by. 

Wednesday, September 12

Cowboy Pillows

Made these cowboy pillows for the toddler sons of one of my high school girlfriends.   Aren't these great cowboy names?  The Daddy is a big fan of old western movies (obviously). 

These are 15x15 empty and made of real denim.  The fabric in the appliqued monogram letter has a rope pattern.  I love how these turned out, I hope Blaze & Weston enjoy them. 

These are available in my Etsy Store.  Thanks for stopping by!

Thursday, September 6

An Apple for the Teacher

Eek, a week went by without me posting.  I made alot of stuff over the Labor Day weekend but most of it is gifts so I won't post until the recipients receive them. 

Here's one I can post because Micaela was delivering to her teacher today.  This is a little "Granny Smith" apple for her teacher.  The teacher's favorite color is green so I thought a Granny Smith version would be appropriate instead of the traditional red.  There is a battery operated flameless tea light at the base so it glows when you turn it on.   I hope this brightens up Ms. Roszel's day.

This is an in the hoop design from Embroidery Garden, Reen the designer is so talented and makes all of us with embroidery machines look talented as well.  Truthfully, it's all about the designs one buys and the machines we use to stitch them out.  All I did was press some

Thanks for stopping by!