Thursday, September 20

Earthy Zippered Bag

Made yet another zippered bag.  This one is for my boss who is leaving. Her last day is next week-not by choice.  

This Timeless Treasures fabric called "Save the Planet" couldn't be more perfect for her and those of us who work in Environmental Sustainability.    The entire print throughout the fabric features great earthy quotes in bold fonts.  I fussy cut the fabric to feature "Respect the Planet" on the front of the bag and "Green is not just a color" on the back.  

I used an owl for the charm because 'owls give a hoot!'.  Corny I know but she'll appreciate the thought and humor. 

  In case your keeping count, we WERE a dept of 7. 4 interns left @ end of summer, 1 coworker left last month & boss leaves next week. Do the math & sadly that leaves me only! 

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