Thursday, September 6

An Apple for the Teacher

Eek, a week went by without me posting.  I made alot of stuff over the Labor Day weekend but most of it is gifts so I won't post until the recipients receive them. 

Here's one I can post because Micaela was delivering to her teacher today.  This is a little "Granny Smith" apple for her teacher.  The teacher's favorite color is green so I thought a Granny Smith version would be appropriate instead of the traditional red.  There is a battery operated flameless tea light at the base so it glows when you turn it on.   I hope this brightens up Ms. Roszel's day.

This is an in the hoop design from Embroidery Garden, Reen the designer is so talented and makes all of us with embroidery machines look talented as well.  Truthfully, it's all about the designs one buys and the machines we use to stitch them out.  All I did was press some

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