Monday, May 31

Memorial Day

Hope you had a great Memorial Day.

We made a quick stop at Texas Woman's University as we passed through Denton. Micaela had not been to my old stomping ground before. We enjoyed walking around the campus, mainly the gardens. She had never been so close to squirrels before, I guess they are used to being fed by the students. Here are two snapshots... one of a little girl very impressed by the tall high rise building Mommy used to live in when she was attending college and of the squirrel that kept getting closer and closer thinking we would throw something her way.

Micaela at the fountain in front of library. You can see Guinn & Stark high rise residence halls in the background. I used to live on the 17th & 21st floor-- ahh the good old days...

And, Mr. Friendly Squirrel, he was just feet away.

Hope you have a wonderful day. Please say a prayer for our troops and the families who miss them everyday.

Tuesday, May 25

HS Graduation Gift

My cousin Alyssa is graduating from high school this week. Her favorite colors are hot pink and black so I monogrammed one of those fuzzy blanket throws. This was quick and easy and I hope it will come in handy as she goes off to college.

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Teacher Appreciation Luncheon

I am on the Teacher Appreciation Committee at both of Micaela's schools. Here are a few pictures of the luncheon we hosted for the teachers the week before last.

Some of the dishes and items are mine and some belong other belong to another Mom. We literally traded pictures of dishes through text messages on our IPhones until we came up with enough to coordinate in one theme. In the end, I think everything coordinated beautifully and we were really pleased with the end result.

Luckily we were able to set up in an empty classroom so that made set up a little easier.

Here's the table right before the teachers came in...

The menu was chicken Ceasar salad (dressing to be added), cream of zuchini soup, and homemade cornbread muffins with sun dried tomatoes and passion fruit tea. Robin was responsible for the food and she did a great job.

I've had these wicker chargers since 2003, got 12 of them at Target and this was the first time I really used them. The multi colored dot flatware was also mine, had it from a recent food styling assignment a few years ago. The dinner plates were Robin's mother in laws and they said Montgomery Wards on the back so you know they were 'vintage'. Robin made the runner from outdoor fabric purchased at JoAnns.

We tied bright orange tull to each chair and hung a pair of turquois flip flops for each teacher to keep.

The dessert table was yummy. These are gourmet strawberry cupcakes from Spoon's Cafe in downtown McKinney. These square plates are mine, purchased them at The Great Indoors many years ago and this is the first time they made it out of the box. We had a couple of other desserts, pina colada cake and fresh fruit and a chocolate sauce.

The teachers enjoyed it and we were very pleased.

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Thursday, May 20

Another Gift for Dylan

Micaela's teacher is due any day with baby Dylan. (see previous baby shower post here). She actually made it to forty weeks and made it to her class's Pre-K graduation this morning. Beyond that, she made it through the Mother & Father breakfast, the end of the year show, and the Teacher Appreciation Luncheon earlier this month.

Last weekend, I was at JoAnn and saw this cute green monkey fabric that matched Dylan's baby bedding so I thought I would make one more little burp cloth & bib set for Dylan as a 'reward' for not arriving early and letting his Mama make it to all her class activities. LOL.

Here's the bib & burp cloth set. I used a different method for attaching the fabric at the bottom of the burp cloth, a tube method used for pillow cases. You can watch a video tutorial by clicking here.

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Pre K Graduation

PreK Graduation was today. I pretty much cried through the whole thing! Can't believe our baby girl is going to Kinder in the fall!

Monday, May 10

Backyard Sprinkler Fun

It's getting pretty warm and Micaela has been begging to play in the backyard sprinkler.
She had so much fun playing...