Monday, May 31

Memorial Day

Hope you had a great Memorial Day.

We made a quick stop at Texas Woman's University as we passed through Denton. Micaela had not been to my old stomping ground before. We enjoyed walking around the campus, mainly the gardens. She had never been so close to squirrels before, I guess they are used to being fed by the students. Here are two snapshots... one of a little girl very impressed by the tall high rise building Mommy used to live in when she was attending college and of the squirrel that kept getting closer and closer thinking we would throw something her way.

Micaela at the fountain in front of library. You can see Guinn & Stark high rise residence halls in the background. I used to live on the 17th & 21st floor-- ahh the good old days...

And, Mr. Friendly Squirrel, he was just feet away.

Hope you have a wonderful day. Please say a prayer for our troops and the families who miss them everyday.

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