Thursday, October 30

Visiting TWU

Life is full of circles. Today, I spent the day at TWU's Internship Fair.
 23 years ago, I was a student here looking to intern "somewhere". We didn't have fairs back then, instead we snail mailed bunches of linen paper resumes printed on dot matrix printers and hoped for a call back on a LAN line. Now, I am at a point where I can give that opportunity to student. It feels good to reciprocate. I am thankful for the 3 college internships I had from 1991 to 1993.... Pepsi, Texas A&M University Extension and Bride & Groom Magazine.  I am thankful for my wonderful mentors there who not only gave me a chance but have continued to be a part of my life since then.   Hope I get to do the same for someone after today.

Wednesday, October 22

Fall Color

Our temperatures have been really mild lately and my front garden is blooming beautifully.  We don't have many trees that change colors but my flowers are looking good.  Here are a couple of snapshots from the morning   These are all primarily drought tolerant & native plants that have only been watered a few times ALL YEAR. They are thriving in mild temps.  I love gardening! 

Sunday, October 12

Visit to State Capital in Austin

On our way back from the valley, we made a quick visit to state capital for Eugenia.  She loved seeing an "old building" since we don't have many in McKinney where we live.  It was a gorgeous day!  #aspaniardintheusa  #exchangestudentlife