Thursday, October 30

Visiting TWU

Life is full of circles. Today, I spent the day at TWU's Internship Fair.
 23 years ago, I was a student here looking to intern "somewhere". We didn't have fairs back then, instead we snail mailed bunches of linen paper resumes printed on dot matrix printers and hoped for a call back on a LAN line. Now, I am at a point where I can give that opportunity to student. It feels good to reciprocate. I am thankful for the 3 college internships I had from 1991 to 1993.... Pepsi, Texas A&M University Extension and Bride & Groom Magazine.  I am thankful for my wonderful mentors there who not only gave me a chance but have continued to be a part of my life since then.   Hope I get to do the same for someone after today.

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