Tuesday, April 23

Other Pom Pom Projects

Pom Pom fringe is kind of a staple in my sewing room decor also.  I just realized that all three of my Janome machines have covers with Pom Pom fringe on the bottom edge.  That wasn't planned at all, I honestly just realized it.  I made these covers as I got the machines so probably 6 to 8 months apart over the last few years.  Here is a close up of each one. 

The Janome 300e

The Janome 200e

 My Janome DC5100

One of the pillows on the day bed in my sewing room has Pom Pom fringe too, notice the small pillow on the left behind the main 'sewing machine' pillow.
Well, that's it for my Pom Pom projects, thanks for stopping by.  Make sure and visit the other blogs on the hop today.  Have a great day!


  1. I had considered making a sewing machine cover with Pom Poms, but due to lack of sewing time, never got to it. Sure like what you came up with.

  2. I LOVE your sewing machine covers and pillows!

  3. Pom poms added a lot to your projects...very cool!

  4. Love all of your pompom projects. You do an awesome job! Thanks for sharing.

  5. Love all of those projects. Love the pillow with the sewing machine especially. Very nice projects.

  6. Wonderful work!! and lots of it!! Sweet!! Thank you so much!!

  7. Your sewing machine covers are very cheery looking! I love the saying on the last one, so true.