Wednesday, April 3

Weenie Dog Pouches

Last week I got an order for a little herd of weenie dog pouches... nine of them!  To be honest, I thought it was a prank but when the payment showed up in my PayPal account, I was quite pleased.

I think these little puppies turned out pretty cute.   The buyer wanted them all to be different so I made the top band different colors and added the embroidered name.

I've never made so many pouches out of the same fabric before so this was a first.  The buyer was giving them to her girlfriends on a Bachelorette trip.   Isn't that fun? 

Want one with your name on it?  They are available in my Etsy Store.  Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Those are the cutest!!! And a great idea for a gift..who doesn't need a zippy pouch.:)
    xx Kim

  2. Un beso desde España.Abrazo.

  3. Congrads on the order, they are the cuties litte things.