Friday, March 29


When Micaela was a baby I purchased a used VCR tape of the Mary Poppins movie at Half Price Books for one dollar.  We have watched it a million times, let's just say it was a dollar well spent. When I heard Mary Poppins was coming to Dallas, I knew I HAD to get tickets. 

Last night Micaela and I had a Mommy & Daughter Night Out.  I took Micaela to see the musical at the Music Hall at Fair Park in Dallas.  It was terrific!

We dressed up, had dinner and went to the musical, she loved it.   There was a few back drops around the lobby area and we snapped a few pictures.

I've taken Micaela to lots of shows and plays but this was our first time to go to Dallas Music Hall which is the largest venue in the metroplex.  I had hesitated because it's about an hours drive each way but now that she's older she can totally handle it and loves it.  I think it's time for us to be regulars and get season tickets to all the shows.  Hope you have a great Easter weekend, ours is off to a great start!


  1. Sounds like such fun!! and I love her dress, perfect for a Mary Poppins Musical night out!!

  2. I liked Mary Poppins film a lot when I was younger and I still like it. I haven still Mary Poppins musical yet but I want to do it. Micaela is so pretty!
    I found your blog thanks to Maria Dolores' initiative and I'm your follower now. If you like, pass to mine, I'd be happy.
    Bye Sara

  3. hello!!! I just met your blog. I love it. I grew up with Mary and I have good memories. I follow you now. Follow me?

  4. Que bellas y conjuntadas van, espero que disfrutaran muchisimo del espectáculo. Besitos.