Tuesday, March 19

Daffodils Mt.Pleasant, Texas

On the way home over the weekend,  we took a detour through Mt. Pleasant, Texas to stop at the Kridler Farm to look at more daffodils.
Yes, I am nuts about daffodils and since the blooming season is short I have to see as many as I can while I can.  LOL
Here are the three of us standing in the middle of Keith's "side yard".  Isn't this amazing?  So beautiful, lucious and green! 
 Keith Kridler is someone I met through the Texas Daffodil Society a few years ago.  He is an authority in the US on Daffodils and a Texas Master Gardener. I had him speak at my Daffodil seminar for the city back in January.
He has more than 1000 varieties and about a million bulbs in the ground! 
While we walked around, Keith would pick a flower and rattle off the name like it was his ABC's.  I wish I could remember all the names but these were some of the ones I was fast enough to snap a picture of.
It's a total of 20 acres and we only saw the front. AMAZING!!! 

Hope you are having a great week!

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