Monday, March 18

Gifts for Friends...

Wow, what a busy week we have had.  Our daughter has been off for Spring Break and poor thing we have been shuffling her between us while we had a crazy week!  At the last minute, we decided take a last minute trip to visit our dear friends in Arkansas a few hours away.  I have a rule about never going to anyone's house empty handed, here are a few things we made our friends for hosting us. 

Our friends have a daughter six months younger than our Micaela, we say the girls are God Sisters since the parents (our friends) are our daughter's God Parents.  Micaela helped me pick out some fabric to make the daughter a few things.  First we made a purple plush blanket embroidered with her name and an appliqued an M.  Micaela picked out the cupcake fabric. 
The second item was a matching little zipper case.  I used the same cupcake fabric and a swirly purple fabric for the top.

We made the parents an Easter hanging kitchen towel and some matching coasters.  Sorry these are such poor pictures, I literally took these before we left their house.   The coasters match perfectly IRL but look quite bright in these pictures I took with my phone.
Troy made the Dad, our compadre- a couple of pens on his lathe. The first one was wood and made from Olivewood from the Holy Land.
 The second pen was acyrlic and dark green-- his school colors. 
We had a wonderful time in Arkansas and we look forward to having them visit us soon. 
Hope you had a great weekend.   

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