Monday, July 28

Bye Bye Baby Room

It is with much sadness that I started to 'dismantle' our daughter's room this past week. She is over 3 yrs old now and it's time to move from baby decor to "little girl stuff". It was long overdue. I hated to take all the stuff down, I remember how much thought and time went into putting the room together when I was pregnant.

We had a garage sale this weekend and everything was purchased in a matter of hours... window treatments, blankets, crib bedding, rocking chair, all the gear like stroller, car seat, high chair, swing-- everything. The real sad thing is that you can't really get any decent money at a garage sale, I estimate we sold about $3000 worth of stuff and got about $300. Ugh!

Thank goodness stamps have a higher resale value. Oh well, the good thing is that now it's time to redecorate.

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