Sunday, July 13

Stamping has affected me...

One of my responsiblities with the city is to create an insert for the welcome bags the Chamber of Commerce gives new residents. You know the bag of goodies you receive when you move to a new place (pocket calendar from local insuance firm, pen from the bank, etc.). Under normal circumstances this would be a pretty easy task. You have no idea how hard this task is becoming! I can't bear to use normal paper (I 'want' cardstock) and I keep wanting to stamp on the project.

Last week I was designing this month's insert and I had a very difficult time-- I kept wanting to "at least" stamp a scroll in the corner. Am I crazy or what?

Our department's inclusion is a rubber jar opener (in the shape of a rain drop) with our water restrictions printed on it, hopefully residents will keep it handy and refer to it often. In the end, I settled on a flier with just straight text but every time I look at it, I think it needs something. See what I mean....

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