Wednesday, December 8

Christmas in Bonham

Here are pictures of my Bonham living room Christmas 2001. I had so much fun decorating this house.
This was the tree that replaced the one in my master bedroom (previous post). I had really tall ceilings in that house- 12 ft, I think. I had to use a ladder to decorate the top of the tree. Well I have to use a ladder to decorate all the trees but but this tree I had to get on the top step, lol.
Ahh, the fireplace... I always wondered about the family that originally built the house in 1919. I was told they had many children so I imagine many stockings were hung and lots of family photos were taken here. I was too scared to use the fireplace so I just filled it with lights and glittery stuff.

It was fun to decorate this mantle because it was deep. This year I put the Christmas village on there. I don't remember how many buildings and people I had but they fit pefectly in this long narrow space. I haven't used this village in 8 years, I still have it in boxed up-- maybe I will pull it out this year since Micaela is old enough to not break it.

Hope you've enjoyed my stroll through memory lane, hope you are having fun decorating your house for the holiday season. Thanks for stopping by!

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