Sunday, November 16

Water4Otter comes to McKinney!

All in a days work....  Spent the morning at Sonntag Elem with the North Texas Municipal Water District WATERIQ Water4Otter team. This is a new program focused on teaching grade school kids about saving water at home.   The lake in our area is less that 47% full so the entire region is focused on water conservation.  

The Water4Otter program is really cute and focuses on saving water in your bathroom, kitchen and outside with your sprinkler system.  Otis the Otter is the star of the show.  This program is part of a pilot program being tested at 30 schools in the North Texas area.  The program is funded by the NTMWN and the Texas Water Development Board.

My job has perks, here I am with daughter and Otis the Otter.  Visit for more information about the program.  

Hope you are having a great day!  #mckinneytexas #water4otter #savewater @NTMWD #greenmckinney

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