Monday, November 24

Sewing Room Island

Thanksgiving break has been productive already.  This is what I spent the day putting together yesterday.  An island in the sewing room. I had to take a picture because this won't last long once I really start working.  The counter & storage space is approachable from all four sides (that is if there is not something on the floor). 

I have had this idea ever since I saw it on a blog years ago.  I wish Ihad room to make a giant island with multiple 3x3 cube units but I do not have the space.  I was lucky to get this in the room-- room is only 10x10.  This was made with three 3x2 cube units (I have room for fourth unit but wasn't sure I wanted cube shelves so I left it open in the back for now.  The top is 24x48 plywood I covered with batting and then uphostered with fabric.  

The triple drawer units I have had for years, once upon a time they held the overflow of napkin rings and flatware (early 2000's) then they held stamp sets and now they are in here.  I have twelve so this is a good home for some.  I always struggle with a good place to put hoops for the emroidery machines so the side panel of the cube units works well, i just used 3m command hooks.  The right side of the top has an ironing pad, I don't have enough room for a full size ironing board so this works since most of the pieces I iron are small anyway.   I am so thrilled about this project getting done.  

Sewing room progress 5 months in the making. #sewingroom #sewingstudio #craftroom 

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