Saturday, January 26

Saturday Sewing

I spent a good part of today-- Saturday sewing.  I started the day off by going to Sew N Tell at Stitched with Love, the new fabric store in my neighborhood in the morning.  Then, I came home to an empty house (very unusual), changed back into my pajamas and proceeded to sew the rest of the day.  It was glorious!  I made some cute things.  I am dying to post pictures but I can only show sneak peaks because almost every item I worked on is for one of my four swap partners or a gift.  I will show the items once I get them in the mail and they are received. 

Here are two sneak peaks...  This is an embroidered blanket. 

 This is the bottom half of a valentine finger tip towel. 

The one thing I can show is this hand towel I embroidered for Micaela's bathroom.  We are transitioning her bedroom and bathroom from cute girl springy pastel stuff to pre- pre- teen young girl stuff.  She picked hot pink and black for her colors.  This is the first thing I make for her bathroom. 

It's amazing what ribbon and a glitter fabric can do for a towel, right?  Notice the Hello Kitty stuff?  Can't believe this that cat is still so popular, I remember having Hello Kitty stuff when I was a young girl too.  Thanks for stopping by!

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