Saturday, September 29

My family is growing!

My family is growing! Well, my Stampin' Up! family that is. I know some of you were thinking I might be expecting.... Anyway, I have a new recruit! I am so excited. Mandi Brooks has joined my Stampin' Up! family! I have known Mandi for about 10 years. She lives in the Bonham area, were I lived from 1997-2002. Mandi started coming to my classes and workshops almost a year ago. She was hooked on stamping immediately. She is going to introduce Stampin' Up! to lots of wonderful people in Fannin County, it's going to be great. Mandi joins my other recruits, Tina and Shelly. The best thing about all of this, is now I am a Senior Supervisor! Yahoo!

Welcome Aboard Mandi!

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  1. Congratulations, Martha! Welcome to the Stampin' Up! family, Mandi!!