Monday, September 10

Micaela & her Pet Rock

If you've been reading here for a while, you know that our daughter Micaela just spent a few days visiting Mimi & Papa (grandparents) in St. Louis. She had a great time and didn't seem to miss us, one bit. During one of her walking adventures with Mimi, she found a rock. Yes, a rock. She's very excited about her rock and rarely has it out of her sight. She will even tuck it into her diaper if she doesn't have a pocket! The rock doesn't have an official name, yet but she sure is proud of it. Here's a picture of her proudly holding "the rock" after the excursion.

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  1. Too cute! Don't you just love the simple things that keep children entertained and intrigued?! Wish life were that simple for us adults!