Thursday, September 27

MOMS Group

I just started attending a Moms Group at a friends local church. It's a chance for Micaela and I to get out and meet some new people. She gets to play with children her age and I get some social and spiritual time with other Moms. We meet twice a month, enjoy a delicious brunch, listen to speaker and socialize. I am a newbie, this was my third meeting.

Today we had a fabulous meeeting. The topic was "The Five Friends Every Mom Needs". It really made me reflect on the friendships I have. I really have so much to be thankful for in the "friends department". After the presention, we played a "game"... called "Fast Friends" -kinda like the concept of speed dating/musical chairs. It was so much fun. Can you imagine more than 50 women moving from seat to seat, getting to know each other really quick. The room was roaring but it was so fun. At each chair you had a quick question to ask your partner after you got the basics... name, kids & ages, etc.
One of my favorite questions during the process was "Tell me about the favorite picture in your house." I didn't even have to think about it. We have alot of photographs in our house-- many on the wall going up our stairs. In the landing we have a big collage of our favorite and most special black & white photographs. The collage includes pictures of our wedding and our daughter. In the center of the collage is a 16x20 enlargement of our wedding ceremony.
Here it is. I love how you can see the majority of the guests and even the priest's dog laying on the floor to my left (more on the priest & his dogs in another post)

To the right of the big wedding photo is a group of photos of Micaela. The largest one in the group was taken when she was one year old. It took us a long time to teach her to point her little finger to say she was one-- we were thrilled when the photographer actually captured this moment.

Also in the grouping is this photo when she was less than one day old. She was snuggled beside me in the hospital bed looking so content after one of her first feedings . We used this picture for her birth announcement.

We love all the photos on our wall. I won't bore you by posting all of them here but I will share this last one. It's in a modest 5x7 frame and it captures the moment Micaela was brought into the world. Sorry if you think this is gory. Troy captured this picture as Micaela took her first breathe (and was screaming at the top of her lungs). I love how the light shines on her. We were fortunate to have a wonderful doctor that allowed Troy to take as many pictures as he wanted. I was so interested in getting pictures that I told him, he did not have to worry about holding my hand during the C-section-- just snap snap snap, (I knew he could hold my hand later and we would not have this moment again).

Thanks for letting me share a few of my favorite pictures with you! I hope this inspires you to display some of your favorite moments too.

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  1. Martha, these family photo are absolutely breathtaking! Each one makes such a bold statement! Thank you for sharing them! Love the classic look for black & whites!