Tuesday, May 29

Wind Farm in Raymondville

The last few times we have driven to the valley on Hwy 77 we have noticed a windfarm in the distance as we approach Harlingen.  This time we had a little extra time and got off the highway to take a closer look and explore.   

We were in Raymondville-- I've heard of Raymondville my whole life but never really been there. 
 Here we are standing right under a windmill, they are giant.
 There was many windmills under construction. 
It's hard to appreciate how large they really are.  These are pictures of one that is in the early stages of construction.  The blades are very long, you can see Micaela and Troy standing next to them.  The blue circle is part of the base, it was large enough to walk into. 
Here's an article about the project.  http://energyrenewalpartners.com/renewable-energy/sem-massa-pellentesque-massa/.  It was a very cool little side trip on our way Mission.   Thanks for stopping by.

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