Monday, May 21

Faux Pleated or Strippy Pillow

Yesterday while hubby and Micaela went to the donut shop and out to run some errands, I browsed my sewing pins on Pinterest to find a quick to make while they were gone. (it's nice to start and finish a project without interruptions).

I came across this strippy pillow by Jera at Quilting in the Rain then, I remembered I had watched a video tutorial at the Missouri Quilt Company  featuring V & Company's faux pleated pillow.  I decided to make one.

I don't need another pillow for the bed in my sewing/guest room (already have ten and I have gotten alot of grief about that from some friends) but I could use a pillow or two for a chair I just painted and reuphostered for the corner of the room.

I pulled together all fabrics I have been using to decorate in my sewing area and started cutting strips 2.5 inches wide.  In no time, I had enough to make the pillow-- just 11 strips.  After cutting, I pressed each one in half and tinkered with the order of the fabrics.  Probably the most time consuming part of this project, was deciding the order of the fabrics.  After I figured it out, I used blue painters tape to keep the strips in order. 
I decided to use one of the gingham dishtowels (used on some the bed pillows pictured here) as the foundation fabric for the pillow and then quickly figured out it was the perfect choice because instead of drawing lines every 3/4  inches to guide placing the strips of fabric (like Jera's tutorial)... I could use the rows in the fabric to guide me...  that was a big time saver!
After sewing all the strips down, I used the remaining part of the dishtowel and half of another to create an envelope back... easy peasy (the edges were already finished -- another bonus).

This really came together quickly, I honestly finished before my hubby and daughter made it back home. 

Here's the finished pillow, now the chair doesn't look so loney.... maybe I will make another little pillow so the pillow has a friend...because pillows look better in pairs or is it threes, fours or
Here's a view of the entire corner, you can see the button wreath, and my part of my fabric racks featured last week.
Thanks for stopping by., I hope you have a great week.


  1. I love this pillow! Thanks for motivating me!

  2. I love this pillow! Thanks for motivating me!