Monday, May 7

Micaela's Pin Cushion

Micaela loves to sew.  Her latest project is pin cushions, also known as bean bags to her.  She shops for fabric in my stash and comes up with her own combinations.  Lately she is making different pin cushions for different seasons/holidays-- (umm, I wonder where she get's such crazy ideas?). 

Here she is with her latest creation, a pin cushion made with Hello Kitty fabric.  The sewing part is less than 12 inches but she is so proud.  She carefully turns it right side out, makes sure the corners are pointy and fills them with walnut litter, then has me close them.  
She's discovered these are perfect pillows for Barbie too.  Here's Barbie resting in her birthday ball gown on one of the beds from my townhouse (circa 1978).  I think Barbie is going to get a stiff neck from laying on such a hard pillow but Micaela thinks Barbie will be okay.  Thanks for stopping by!

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