Sunday, May 27

Picking Limes

We are in my hometown of Mission visiting my family for Memorial Day weekend.  While here we will be celebrating my Mom's 70th Birthday.  We had a pre-party party for some of the out of town family last night. When my brother and his family arrived, my Mom gave the girls (both 7 years old) a task to keep them busy.  Here is Micaela and Alyx (brother's step daughter)  picking limes to make lemonade.  

This is one of my Mom's beloved lime trees that produces thousands of limes year round.

Using a stick to reach the limes that are too high.

Here is Alyx counting the limes... I think she is going to grow up to be an accountant because she counted and recounted.

Here are the girls virtually inside the tree reaching for more, you can tell the circumference of the tree is like 20 feet.

The girls picked about 70 limes in about five minutes and there was hundreds left on the tree.
Hope you are having a great Memorial Day weekend, thanks for stopping by.

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