Saturday, November 3

A TEXAS Size Cupcake!

My feet hurt tonight. Today I spent the day demo-ing at Sur La Table in Dallas. SLT is one of my favorite trade partners. The store was extremely busy since this is the last weekend of a special promo. They have all their holiday stuff out and it's really cute. You can't imagine how difficult it is to be forced to spend hours in a kitchen specialty store. It's torture for me because I want everything! The neatest thing that caught my eye was a new GIANT or should I say Texas Sized Cupcake pan by Wilton. These are extremely popular since there is such a cupcake craze right now.

The pan has two sections, the bottom and top. One regular cake mix fills both. You assemble the cupcake by spreading a thin layer of icing in between the halves and just decorate. This pan can be used for just about any occassion.

You can see the pan on the SLT website by clicking HERE.

Check out for a bunch of great ideas for many different themes.

Here are pictures of two completed cupcakes from the SLT website. (sorry I could not enlarge more)

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  1. I love it! I had a KitchenAid Bride the other day tell me she was having a CupCake Wedding Cake and her Mom was baking all the cupcakes with her Artisan Stand Mixer! Wow...that is Mothers love!