Monday, November 5

I'm a Monday night tv junkie, are you?

I don't watch much tv but I have to admit I am hooked on two shows, Dancing with the Stars and the Bachelor, both on ABC. Anyone out there hooked like me???

We started watching DWTS during the first season. We really didn't get into it until Dallas Cowboy "Emmitt Smith" was a contestant on the show. We voted for him every week and were thrilled to see him win in the end. This year we gave our hometown boy Mark Cuban all our votes until he was eliminated two weeks ago; now we just randomly pick one couple and give them all our votes. The competition is tough, who do you think will win?

Okay, I know the Bachelor is corny but I have been watching it ever since the season when Trista didn't get picked, (the begining). Every season I say, I am not going to get "into it" but by the 3rd episode I am hooked. Before M was born I used to watch every episode with girlfriends, now two of us have toddlers so try to get together for the finalee. This season the bachelor is a TEXAN so of course I had to watch. He is down to 2 women, who do you think he's going to pick???

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