Monday, November 19

It's a small world....

Last Tuesday I attended a home party at the home of one of my SU side lines. While there I was introduced to some ladies, basically friends of friends. The next day Wednesday- I saw one of the ladies at my daughter's preschool. The following day Thursday- I see the same lady at my MOMS group at church. Obviously we are in the same circles but had never met. How weird is that?
Then Saturday, I am at Dillard's doing my demo thing. I look across the way and offer a customer a sample of the smoothie I am making in the KitchenAid blender. She accepts and walks over to talk to me. I look at her face to face and tell her,"I know you". After 30 seconds we determine we're both from the same home town (Mission 500 miles away). We talk briefly and figure out, she was my little brother's 2nd grade teacher, mother of our childhood neighbor's best friend, her husband used to do business with my father and she recently met my second cousin who is a principal at a school district in another Dallas suburb and figured out the same connections. This may not seem weird to you all but the strange thing is that we're not in a little town, we're in the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex...population over 1 million and I am 500+ miles away from my hometown which isn't exactly small with a population of 40,000. What are the odds?
And that brings me to my third little story. A couple of weeks ago a friend emailed me inviting me to join her "Linked In" network. I accepted the invitation and signed up for the service which is free. Linked In provides a service that helps you network. It's easy to find past and present colleagues and classmates quickly. LinkedIn makes staying in touch simple. The system will actually go through your email address book and help you find connections. Well, I went through my address book and immediately found some people I had totally lost track of. Overnight, I found 30+ people from my hometown, college, previous places of employment and even some of my old clients. I encourage you to visit the website, sign up and reconnect with your old friends and collegues. Feel free to add me to your list, you never know about the power of networking!

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