Monday, May 13

Oreo Update

Last week I mentioned taking Oreo to the vet, thanks to those of you who expressed concern.  Long story short, he has Disc Disease that weenie dogs get often.  He got doggie morphine for pain,  is on crate rest (doggie bed rest) for two weeks and is taking something like Vicodin to keep him semi sedated.    It’s going a lot better than I expected, well at least it did this weekend.  We’ll see how he does a full day in the crate while no one is home today. 

Here’s a sweet picture of Micaela and Oreo taken at the vet last Thursday.  Poor little guy just wanted to be held and cuddled, Micaela was so worried about him.    Will keep updating everyone on progress, thanks for reading this far. 

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  1. I am hoping that Oreo is better soon. You can feel so sad that you cannot do something more to help our fellow family members.