Thursday, May 16

Vocabulary Parade

Second grade is ending soon.  This week's activity was a Vocabulary Parade based on the book by Debra Frasier titled "Miss Alaineus - A Vocabulary Disaster".  The teacher sent us this video so we could get an idea of what to do.  That helped alot because I was really puzzled. 

Micaela's word was GIGGLE. 

So how do you illustrate the word giggle in a costume.  We brainstormed ALOT.  Let's just say Micaela's imagination exceeded the supplies in my craft room and serious negotiations took place throughout the evening.  In the end, this is what we did....

We cut circles out of felt and made funny GIGGLE faces and expressions with buttons for eyes and lots of different yarns for hair.  We pinned the faces to her skirt.  

Here is Micaela with two buddies, Patriotic and Beverage

Here is BEVERAGE talking to PASTRY

Here is STURDY
 This was alot of fun, makes me want to be a teacher.  Hope you are having a great week. 

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