Tuesday, April 10

Painting Oreo's House

My husband built a dog house for our new dog Oreo back in December. He left the wood unpainted because he knew Micaela would have some 'input' on the color etc. Well, three months have flown by and the house was still plain wood. Everytime Micaela and I would go outside she would say, "Mommy, we need to paint Oreo's house".
Well the day finally came, we had a free day when it was dry and clear outside. We struggled but we managed to lift the doghouse onto the red wagon draped with a drop cloth. We painted and painted. We did a couple of base coats in a simple glossy beige paint and then moved onto painting flowers as Micaela wanted. She drew and I painted. We had fun. The wind helped us by drying the paint quickly but made it a challenge to keep the small acrylic paint containers upright. Oreo helped by knocking over the paint containers that the wind didn't move and running off with paint brushes...it was comical.
After several hours, we finished. Here it is... (this is right before we added the wood name letters)
Oreo didn't know what to think at first, he barely wanted to get close it it.
After much encouragement and a few treats he crawled inside. We think he loves his newly 'redecorated"' house.
Micaela is happy too!
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