Thursday, April 19

Owl Sewing Kit

I am participating in a needle case exchange at one of my local quilt stores, The Quilt Asylum during the month of June.  I've been looking for patterns and found a really fun owl "sewing kit" one (in the hoop) at Embroidery Garden.  I had a super busy week and spent most of Sunday resting, cleaning and catching up...I took a break to sew and decided to make one to test the pattern. 

Here it is, I think it turned out pretty cute. 

When you undo the turquois knotted loop (hair elastic) around the buttons, inside the quilted wings you put your pins and needles, in the belly pocket seam ripper and little scissors and there are two spools of thread for the feet at the bottom. The whole thing is a pin cushion too and it's weighted with walnut litter which will sharpen your needles and pins as you (stab) it.   I really like it and plan to make more.  I  really struggled with the fabric choice because I don't have many small patterns that all coordinate (new excuse for buying more fabric).  This pattern was worth every penny!  Thanks for stopping by!

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