Monday, July 23

Storage Ideas: 1

I am frequently asked how I store all my stuff. Well, if you've ever been upstairs in our house and have seen my BLOOM room, you know that my craft room is STUFFED and somewhat overflowing into Troy's office area. I am constantly rearranging and reorganizing to make the most out of my 12x10 space.

With the new Stampin' Up! year starting, my plan is to start doing shorter more frequent newsletters. I plan to send a bi-weekly update on storage ideas. Here's the first!

For those of you with wall space in your craft area, here is a neat solution for your punches. This idea came from Sharon Rogers, another demonstrator. Simply mount curtain brackets on your wall and place the punch as shown below. The best thing is you can see exactly which one you are picking up because you can see the image on the top. This is inexpensive and easy, no major tools required!

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