Sunday, July 1

A year or so ago I purchased 3 darling little patriotic dresses. One was for our daughter and two others were for the daughters of two of my dearest friends, Kristi and Debra. My plan all along was to get all three little girls together and have a professional picture taken. At the time, the third baby girl "Kaitlyn" had not even been born. The girls are 2 years, 18 months & nearly 12 months old now.
Well, this past week the day finally came. We got all three girls together for their portrait. Needless to say, things didn't go quite as I envisioned but we did get some (key word: SOME) really cute pictures of our girls.
The picture above is Kaitlyn and our Micaela. Kaitlyn will be a year old next month, she was perfect. Micaela finally cooperated (after we coaxed her to the floor with legos) and Madeline just wasn't in the mood.
We'll try this again in about six months, we've already planned the outfits for the Christmas picture -- Moms never give up!

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